Artist Consulting offers positive and dynamic consulting services for strategic development and implementation. Your needs and processes are addressed in order to find the best possible solution.


Artist Consulting’s expertise will help you

  • create an accurate overview of your activities
  • work in a process-oriented and analytical manner
  • (re)structure and manage your studio
  • better assess and reduce your legal, financial, and technical risks

Artist Consulting’s work approach

Together, we address your goals by looking at your deeper wishes and we assess how you work with a view to improving your working process.
With my legal training and years of professional experience I can provide legal advice, work with you to create a business plan, and work on structural issues you may have. My other fields of activity include support in applying for scholarships and grants. As part of the consulting process, we work out the best next steps for you, shedding light on opportunities and risks, and assisting in implementation during all phases. I am your partner, box of ideas, extra arms, eyes and ears, and I have the experience and the drive to successfully implement projects at multiple scales.


Spiritual freshness
My approach benefits from over seven years working in international energy group, and I am enthusiastic in working on new projects with creative minds. I am very structured and have a talent for clarifying complicated processes.

As personal partner, I am committed your project at every stage. A collaboration built on loyalty is very important to me for making good decisions, even in difficult phases.

Structure and freedom
Prioritize your needs and goals, plan next steps, implement your projects, and enjoy the process: good planning, coupled with creativity and direct communication – for me this is the pleasure in getting you to your destination.



Agathe de Bailliencourt, Artist
Basics09, Design Studio
Bazar Noir, Design Boutique
Handsiebdruckerei, Printing Studio
Hidden Fortress, Interior Design Studio
TheGreenEyl, Design & Research Studio
Studio Grosch, Product Design
Till Pöhlmann, Light Painter
Waldemar Salesski, Photographer

«Mit Melek zu arbeiten ist ein Augenöffner – Sie hat uns die richtigen Fragen gestellt, mit uns Antworten gefunden und die passenden Tools entwickelt, um strategisch die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. Kurzgesagt: es ist erst unbequem und dann fantastisch!»
Arne Fehmel, Co-Founder, Basics09

«Melek Abiska takes the initiative to propose and launch actions to increase the efficiency of working relationships. (…) She was respected throughout the organization for her representation, communication and conviction skills, even if she was not hesitating to extract people from their comfort zone. Throughout the time I’ve known her, she has shown me that she is trustworthy, well informed and shows great loyalty.»
Bernard Brousse, Sales Director Europe, GDF SUEZ Global Energy

For you: BAFA supports advisory services

Financial aid is granted for general advisory services, for example issues of business management, adjustment to new competitive conditions. This grant for „entrepreneurial know-how“ was setup in 2016 by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle, BAFA). This is aimed at already founded, small and medium-sized enterprises, including liberal professions. It supports, under clear conditions and with a simple forerunner, making your company more successful: economic, organizational and personal questions can be solved with sponsored consultations.


Melek Abiska consulting is registered under # 149967.



About the founder

I am a Parisian, from France. In 1997 I spent three weeks in Berlin. The feeling of freedom I experienced in that moment helped me realize: this is where I belong! After my bachelors degree I completed three masters in law in Paris and Berlin, and started working for an international energy company. Project management for customers, process optimization, change management and business development across Europe were my daily routine and involved much travel. In 2014 I took the opportunity to take a sabbatical. During this time I took care of my own development. I asked myself honestly: how do I wish to continue? I remembered that what I wanted to do before I was too busy to think was work with creative people. With my accumulated experience, I would like to help you achieve your professional goals. I can sense, analyze, moderate and solve situations. I look forward to seeing you, talking about your work and advancing you with all the things you may have wanted to do for a long time.

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